Strictly Come Dancing

Strictly Charity Night

Oddly enough, as we are composing these very words, a client’s phone starts sounding off the Strictly Come Dancing tune.

After 16 years of weekend ballroom extravaganza, you might think the show has settled into a declining rut, catering to a slightly older viewership, no longer drawing in the numbers it used to.

However, with a bit of help from YouTuber Joe Sugg, the show now seems to be more popular than ever. Which makes this the perfect time to host your very own Strictly fundraiser!

A Night on the Dance Floor

The premise of Strictly Come Dancing is, in essence, that anyone can learn to dance. Week on week, the Strictly pro dancers teach their celebrity partners some very elaborate ballroom and Latin moves, proving this theory to be true.

If you are looking to host a fundraising event that is not only fun and upbeat, but that will allow the participants to learn a new skill and definitely leave their comfort zone, our Strictly nights are just what you need.

Granted, there is quite a bit of prep involved, as we will need to train your contestants to perform the dances, but just imagine the night itself!

The venue is sparkling and shining in all its glory, the judges are ready to hold up their paddles, the dancers are decked out in Strictly finest, and the music is very different to what you might expect of a night at the fundraisers.

We will be handling all of the more difficult elements – like the training and the costumes, the music and the decorations.

All you have to do is get your game face on, and enjoy a musical, a movie song, a Blackpool Tower number, or perhaps a tango.

Why Strictly for a Charity Night?

How many fundraisers have you been to this year? And how many of them can you actually distinctly remember?
Sadly, some charitable nights will surely blend into one another, as they all feature the same type of food, drinks, and entertainment.

With our Strictly Night, that will certainly not be the case. And while we certainly can’t quite emulate the glory of the BBC production, we can do our best to try.

Your guests will not only be wowed by the performances, but they will also get the chance to experience something they are not likely to see again.

The main appeal of the program is how it takes non-dancers and turns them into confident and agile stars on the floor. It takes hard work, it takes dedication, time and a lot of effort, but that is just what makes it so appealing.

And oddly enough, this is just what it will take to reach your fundraising goal. A perfect blend for a fabulous night, if you ask us.

Get in touch with Fundraising Events today, and get your formal dress out of the cupboard. Strictly is coming to town!

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