If you’ve ever dreamt of seeing yourself on the big screen, now’s your chance.  For the Oscars, we typically film seven short movies, based on scenes from famous blockbusters, comedies, musicals, historical dramas, thrillers and more.  We have a huge selection of movies to choose from, and each film lasts around ten minutes. You don’t even need to be a great actor: our talented team of acting coaches, directors and film professionals are on hand to train, guide and support you in your fledgling movie career!

The highlight of the Oscars is the spectacular, black tie gala night ceremony where all the films are premiered.  The audience have the chance to vote for best film, best actor, best actress and so on.  We literally roll out the red carpet, dressing the venue to provide a spectacular backdrop.

The Oscars are a wonderful way to raise funds at the same time as bringing people and communities together.

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Event Format

Recruitment, auditions and casting for films, followed by training from acting coach and rehearsals.  The film shoots typically take place five to six weeks after rehearsals begin.  Film editing and production take a further five to six weeks, prior to the Oscars Gala Night Premier.  Event timescale: three to four months from start to finish

What Do We Provide?

For the films, we provide scripts, an acting coach, a professional film crew (director, sound, lighting, cameramen), plus an Event Co-ordinator.  For the Gala Night, we provide an Event Manager, design of poster, tickets and sponsor cards, trophies, MC, venue props, audio visuals and staging, vote management, plus DVD copies of the films for the participants.

What’s Needed From You?

First you’ll need to put together an organising committee for the event, and recruit actors to take part in the films.  The Oscars typically feature seven movies, with an average of eight to ten people per film, so you’ll need a significant number of participants, drawn from groups of friends, club sides, school years, workplaces, other local associations, pubs and so on. 

 Each group is expected to source sponsorship and / or fundraise a certain amount towards their film, and actors will need to commit to a number of days for training and rehearsals.  Actors will also need to source props, costumes and filming venue.  For the Gala Night, the committee will need to promote the event, agree the venue, sell tickets, source sponsorship and advertising for the show programme, and collect payment for votes.  The committee is also responsible for box office, admission and security.

 The Oscars do require a considerable amount of input from the organising committee and actors, but the flip side is the potential to raise significant funds, plus for the actors, the amazing experience of working with film professionals and appearing in a movie.

Prices & Potential Revenue?

The cost for staging The Oscars Fundraiser is €15,000, or €17,500 with the full print package.  Prices are ex-VAT.  Based on previous events, we expect organisers to clear a fundraising profit in the region of €40,000 to €70,000 or more.