Have you ever wanted to experience the glamor of a Hollywood red carpet and an awards night, and found that doing so from your living room does not quite cut it?

With the help of Fundraising Events, the Oscars can now descend on your next charitable event!

We have been hosting similar events since 2015, which have helped raise over €1.5 million to date.

If you are looking to entertain and dazzle your guests, inviting them to an award ceremony will certainly tickle their fancy, and none of them will be making an excuse not to be there.

If you are now thinking however that the Oscars must require quite a bit of prep work, you would be right.

Fret not, we are here to do most of the heavy lifting.

Event Prep and Assistance

As with any major event, our Oscars Night will require some preparation.

We will work with 40-50 people from your team, and train them once per week. When we say train, we mean work on their acting skills.

Because what they will be doing is reenacting the most memorable scenes from famous movies.

Each of these Oscar nominated flicks will be around 10 minutes long, and shot at appropriate locations.

All of the competitors (i.e. your staff) will be cast in different roles, and will be competing for the golden man come your event night!

When that night finally rolls around, your movies will have their audience debut, and will be showcased to your guests and the respective actors.

You will be raising money through event sponsorships, ticket sales, as well as through votes for the movies themselves.
All the production and casting details will be taken care of by us. We will also supply all the props and costumes, and make sure the movie is as genuine as we can make it.

All that is left then is for you to roll out the red carpet (technically, we will be rolling it out at a venue appropriate for the event), and enjoy the ceremony!

The Glamour of the Oscars

Staging an Oscars night is perfect for fundraisers, which, let’s admit it, can often be a bit dull.

This event will certainly not be one your guests forget any time soon.

Just imagine the lights, the glamour, and the excitement as the presenter reads that famous line “…and the Oscar goes to!”.
It’s the perfect way to engage your guests, and get everyone on your team involved in a very unique experience at the same time. They will be learning a new skill, perhaps even rediscovering a passion for acting, all the while doing so for a great cause.

Needless to say, you will all be re-energized by your Hollywood night on the town, and ready to tackle the next big event that comes your way.

Fundraising Events will be here to help you make it a memorable one!

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