One of our most popular events, our Lip Sync Battle Fundraiser is based on the hit American TV show.  Contestants take on the persona of their favourite act or group.  Our professional coaches offer expert help and guidance on dance routines, movements and costumes, and make sure that all the contestants deliver an unforgettable performance on the night.  And because this is a lip sync event, contestants don’t even need to be able to sing!


We have had so many special nights with our Lip Sync Battle Fundraisers, from singers who are so lifelike that you would swear they were the real thing, to hilarious performances from the “Spice Boys” and stunning dance routines from people you thought couldn’t throw a shape!


Our Lip Sync Battle Fundraiser is a great opportunity for club members and supporters to appear on the stage in a professional quality production.  It brings clubs and communities together, and delivers a fantastic night of entertainment that will have everyone talking!

A Charity Night to Remember


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Event Format

Prior to the show, recruitment and training of contestants. For the show night, each group or solo act performs, with the judges giving their views and scores after each routine.  The top four acts are then invited to perform again, with the overall winner selected by the judging panel.


What do we provide?

Prior to the show, we appoint an experienced Event Co-ordinator to work with you on all aspects of the event, including print, design and media services (posters, tickets, sponsorship card and show programme).  In the four to six weeks before the show, our professional coaches work with the contestants on dance and performance routines, whilst our expert stylists also provide advice on costumes and accessories. 


For the show night, we provide a professional production crew for lighting, sound, audio visuals and staging.  We also provide an on-site Event Manager to make sure everything runs smoothly!


What’s needed from you?

First you’ll need to put together an organising committee for the event, and then recruit people to take part.  The Lip Sync Battle Fundraiser features between 12 and 16 acts made up of 40 to 50 contestants, so you’ll need a significant number of participants, drawn from groups of friends, club sides, school years, workplaces, other local associations, pubs and so on. 


Each participant is expected to source sponsorship and / or fundraise a certain amount.  For the show night, the committee will need to agree the venue, appoint judges, promote the event, sell tickets and source sponsorship and advertising for the show programme.  The committee is also responsible for box office, admission and security.


Prices & Potential Revenues

The cost for staging The Lip Sync Battle Fundraiser is €12,500, or €15,000 with the full print package.  Prices are ex-VAT.  Based on previous events, we expect organisers to clear a fundraising profit in the region of €30,000 to €50,000 or more.